For a fraction of what new carpeting costs, Blue Jay Carpet Cleaning will make your clients carpeting look like new again! We are more than just a carpet cleaning company-we are carpet restoration specialists. We clean, deodorize and repair away carpet problems. The kind of problems that can lower sale prices…make potential buyers not want to buy. cause lost profits from carpet allowances…poor showings…and other hassles and headaches for real estate agents.

A Professional Relationship With The Right Carpet
Cleaning Company Can Help You:

  • $ave Your clients thousands of dollars on premature replacement costs and/or carpet allowances.
  • Increase your commission bottom line.
  • Keep your listings showing at their best advantage throughout the listing period, with our exclusive “Stay Clean” Warranty program.
  • Eliminate smelly and/or unsightly carpet as a barrier to getting your listing sold at the best price.
  • Help you look like a hero to your clients.
  • $ave you money on advertising and promotions.
  • Have your own personal carpet and upholstery cleaning done at a significant discount.