Are you and/or your housemates acting immorally and not being helpful around the home? One way to stop this behavior is to keep your carpets clean.

This may seem like a strange statement, but psychology backs it up. Research has shown that being in a clean space makes people act more ethically and productively. In addition, it also reduces stress.

The best way to keep your carpets clean, of course, is to hire professional carpet cleaners. However, you may not know how often you need to hire them to clean your carpet. If so, read on to learn the ideal carpet cleaning frequencies for different situations.

If You Have Pets and/or Children

As cute and fun as they are, both of these house members can make frequent messes. Children are more likely to spill food and beverages in the home as well as other stain-causing substances. If they’re very young, they may have a few ‘bodily accidents’ now and then.

The latter can also be a problem with pets whether or not they’re young. Beyond that, pet hair can get caught in the carpet and make its color unpleasant. In addition, lingering pet hair can trigger allergies.

In this situation, you should be cleaning your carpets once or twice a week. You should have a deep cleaning by professionals at least every few months or so.

If Your Carpets Receive Heavy Traffic

Does your household have a lot of members? Then they’re likely going to get the carpet dirtier faster. This is especially the case if shoes are allowed on the carpet.

Even if shoes are not allowed on the carpet, bare feet and socks can still track in dirt and debris from other places in the home. Therefore, you should be regularly cleaning carpets based on the number of people and animals in your home. The more household members, the more frequent your cleanings should take place.

If Your Carpets Are Lighter in Color

Unfortunately, lighter carpets do a poor job of hiding stains and debris. This can make it look dirtier at a faster rate. This appearance will cause the psychological issues mentioned above.

To avoid this, you should clean lighter carpets more frequently than darker carpets. The opposite is also true.

If Your Housemates Have Allergies

Carpets can hold onto the dirt, dust, hair, and other particles that trigger allergies. To keep the allergy-prone members in your home healthy, it’s best to clean the carpets yourself more frequently. You should also hire professional carpet cleaners more often as their deep cleaning skills can pick up the hard-to-reach dirt.

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In the end, you will likely be dealing with several factors that you should use to determine how frequently you clean your carpets. The best thing to do is find a good balance between them or go with the more frequent rate.

When you’re ready to hire professional carpet cleaners in Dallas or Fort Worth, consider us. With over 50 years in the business, our company is sure to have the knowledge and experience that will satisfy you. Contact us today for a free price quote.