We all want a home that looks and smells clean.

If you have children or pets keeping up with chores can sometimes be a struggle. But learning to schedule your tasks helps you stay on top of them.

One task that seems too big to handle, but is necessary is cleaning the carpets. Maintaining clean carpets doesn’t need to cause frustration or anxiety. Some people enjoy cleaning to release tension or because they like the smell of freshness.

To help you prioritize your cleaning to-do list, we’ve researched how often should you clean your carpet.

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet?

When it comes to keeping your home immaculate, chores help combat dirt and grime. 

If you want to remove outside dirt on your floors, it’s important to clean your carpet. Cleaning your carpet involves vacuuming, treating spills or stains, and shampooing. You should complete each task regularly to keep your floors spotless.

Below are tips on how frequent you should complete each carpet cleaning task.

Vacuuming Tips

Vacuuming is an easy task simple enough to do daily, if necessary. But if you’re short on time then schedule a day each week for vacuuming. The frequency of vacuuming depends on the traffic and whether children or pets live in the home. If your carpet gets spots (a foreign material removable by cleaning) or pet fur then vacuuming more often helps maintain the quality of the carpet. But if you notice a spot then vacuum it before it becomes a stain.

Treating Spills and Stains

One of the pros and cons of carpet is the ability to absorb spills. While carpet absorption decreases the chances of a slip n fall. Stains on a carpet are unattractive and a potential health risk

When it comes to spills (a liquid that fell out of a container) and stains (foreign material absorbed into the fiber)  treating them as soon as possible is key. Some need more than one treatment to lighten or remove the material.

How Often Should Carpets Be Shampooed?

Whether you live alone, have pets or kids cleaning the carpets is vital. Deciding how often to shampoo your carpet gets determined by the traffic rate, children, and pets.

If your living room or family room carpet gets heavy foot traffic, then shampooing every 3-6 months is recommended. 

But with seldom-used areas, like guest rooms, shampooing every 9-12 months should preserve the carpet quality.

If you have kids or pets, then shampooing the entire house once per year is best.

Time To Start Cleaning

We’ve answered the question of how often should you clean your carpet. Now it’s time for you to put this information to use. If you’re unable to complete this important but sometimes tedious task, then consider a carpet cleaning company.

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