67% of Americans have a pet living with them in their home.

There’s no doubt that pets are a huge part of our lives. Despite the joy that our furry friends bring us, it’s not uncommon for them to have accidents in the house.

The downside is that these accidents often leave lasting odors that can be hard to remove.

Fortunately, there are ways to permanently remove pet odor from your home’s carpets. Read on to find out more about how to stop them.

How To Remove Pet Odor

There are a few different ways that you can minimize pet odor in your home. If you’re looking for permanent results then you’ll have to look to a professional.

However, these at-home treatments can be most effective after a good deep cleaning from a professional. You might find that they’re best used to prevent and prolong the effects of the cleaning instead.

Firstly, you can also help eliminate pet odors by keeping the area clean. Wash the areas regularly to prevent your pet from returning to the spot again. If they can smell the odor from a previous accident, they can be more likely to return.

Baking soda is one option that is great for neutralizing the odor. It’s known for being a great odor eliminator and it’s safe to use on your carpet.

Baking soda can be toxic to dogs in larger amounts, so be sure to keep pets away while treating. Vacuum it up once you’re done and you shouldn’t have any problems.

Treating the spot regularly after a good cleaning can be helpful to prolong the results.

Types of Professional Treatments for Pet Odor Removal

Blue Jay Carpet Cleaning offers two different professional pet odor removal services.

If you have a small spot that is causing odor, a minor treatment might do the trick for you. It will effectively tackle a small spot, but it’s not great for areas that are bigger or that have gone deeper into the carpet.

For bigger areas that have been affected many times, you’ll need a much deeper cleaning to get the smell out. This deeper treatment tackles below the surface and removes odor throughout the area.

Investing in a professional treatment is the best way to eliminate pet odors and have your carpet smelling as good as new again. Replacement isn’t necessary!

Are You Ready to Remove Pet Odor From Your Carpet?

You love your carpet and have no plans of getting rid of it anytime soon. It’s a little smelly due to a few accidents from your pup, so you know it could use a little TLC to smell fresh again.

Why not get your carpet professionally cleaned?

Blue Jay Carpet Cleaning offers a service to remove pet odors. You can choose the service that works best for the type of spot you need to clean up.

If you’re not sure about which service you need, then you can have a professional come over to take a look.

If you’re ready to book a service for your carpet, contact us today!