Spring is in the air — but it doesn’t have to be! You can clean anytime and make your home look beautiful. But here’s your reminder to clean your home for next year. 

Is Upholstery Cleaning worth it? Hire an upholstery cleaner and find out today. If you read this article, you’ll find the best upholstery cleaner near you

Don’t touch your upholstery with any cleaner… hire a professional. Keep reading to find out more about hiring the best car upholstery cleaner and how we can help you. 

Upholstery Cleaning? Leave It to Professionals

When you think of spring cleaning, you may not consider your car upholstery. But, your car isn’t the only piece of furniture with upholstery. There are plenty of other items for you to clean as well. 

When upholstery cleaning, your best option is to hire a professional. Scrubbing more may ruin your furniture and cause more damage than it’s worth. 

Scrubbing may wear down fibers and mat furniture. And there are some cleaners you shouldn’t use.

Heating up your cleaning water may help, but it depends on the furniture’s fiber. Certain upholstery fabric shrinks while in hot water. 

Professionals have an upholstery cleaner machine. It injects a cleaning solution into your furniture and sucks it back out. These machines can be very powerful. 

Why Choose Us? 

There are a few ways you can clean your car’s upholstery on your own. But it’s best to leave it up to professionals. Start with the basics and move forward from there. 

Professionals have specific machines that’ll keep your carpets clean. One, a specific cleaning process won’t work for all your upholstery. That’s why we have more than one process. 

We test all fabrics for color-fastness. That means testing your upholstery’s color, seeing whether the dyes fade or run. We’ll inspect the fabric too, making sure it responds well to treatment. 

We also pre-vacuum all carpets and other upholstery materials. We do this to remove dry dirt, soil, and anything sticking to your carpet. This step improves the process when adding a cleaning solution. 

An extra step we do is adding a pre-conditioner. Adding a pre-conditioner suspends soil, spots and eliminates sticky residue. 

Then it’s time for agitation. After adding the pre-conditioner, we agitate it using a soft brush or towel. Then we use an extraction unit to take out any spots. 

These steps leave your upholstery clean and looking brand new. Afterward, we’ll groom your furniture and restore its softness. 

Our Services 

We’ll help you make your carpet and upholstery look good as new. With our impromptu cleaning method, you won’t have to consider hiring anyone else. If you’re having trouble with Upholstery Cleaning, consider us. 

Upholstery furniture uses complex materials. You can’t clean them with any old cleaner. That’s why it’s best to hire the best upholstery cleaner. 

We’ll do the work for you and won’t leave a mess behind. If you’d like your upholstery cleaned, contact us today.