Keeping your carpet clean with a pet around seems unlikely.

DIY carpet cleaning might do the trick for a short while, but what if you want to make sure your carpet is immaculate and bacteria-free?

With professional carpet cleaning services, you can do just that. In fact, they might help you save money in the long run!

So keep reading to learn more. Below, we’ll cover a few out of the many benefits of professional carpet cleaning for pets.

Deeper Treatment

Pet carpet cleaner professionals far outperform DIY carpet cleaning. Even if you’ve got the best pet stain remover on the market, it does not compare to professional tools. For that reason, even regular DIY work will not erase pet stains as well as professional work does.

Not only that, but household products usually only disguise the odor of the stain’s source. Though it may erase some color too, store-bought products will not be able to adequately combat months or years of pet stains. Professionals’ products penetrate deeper into clients’ carpets and perform a superior job without carpet damage.

Professionals are experts in using carpet cleaning techniques. Years of experience will help you experience longer-term results and a cleaner carpet.

Avoiding Carpet Replacement Fees

When trying to clean your own carpet doesn’t work, a carpet replacement can seem necessary. But carpet replacements are expensive and can last up to 20 years with proper care. It’s better to have a professional come over and make your carpet good as new.

A good professional carpet cleaner will let you know if you do need a carpet replacement. If they do clean your carpet, you can have confidence in the job’s end result. You’ll enjoy a beautifully clean carpet without paying for a time and finance-consuming carpet replacement job.

Otherwise, you won’t only be paying for a carpet replacement. Disposal fees, molding work, etc — there are plenty of fees saddled with installing a brand new carpet.

Better Health

At the least, inefficient carpet cleaning jobs still leave a scent or visible residue. But they can also allow pet stains to harbor a ton of bacteria. Not only are pathogens, dirt, and debris trapped in the carpet, but they can affect indoor air quality too.

This can affect anyone’s health. But those with respiratory conditions are even more susceptible to dangerous health risks.

So when it’s time to clean your carpet, let a professional handle it. You’ll ensure that it won’t be the culprit for bad health and/or illnesses, such as

Professional Carpet Cleaning for Pets — Your Home’s Best Choice!

Homeowners should enjoy their beautiful carpets and not constantly worry about them. Hiring a professional to conduct carpet cleaning for pets can keep carpets free of pet stains and odor!

At Blue Jay Carpet Cleaning, we understand how important your carpet and upholstery are for your home’s hygiene and looks. That’s why we offer some of the best carpet cleaning services for locals in the Flower Mound, TX area! So if you need professional pet stain carpet cleaner services, contact us today.