Carpeting, area rugs, and soft furniture make your home cozy and inviting, but they can also harbor a collection of dust, allergens, bacteria, and pet hair. Unless your carpets or furniture look dirty, you might not even think about cleaning them, but you should. 

Read on to learn more about when you should consider calling an upholstery cleaning service. 

1. You Have Pets and Children 

Let’s face it: pets and children are great, but they are messy. Pets leave hair and dander around, which can wreak havoc if anyone in your home has allergies. Carpets and furniture absorb these things and then they get released in the air when people sit on the furniture or walk on the carpet. 

Kids are notorious for spilling things on the carpet or furniture and unless you know about the spill, it may go uncleaned. Young children and pets also may have accidents on the carpet and furniture. When this happens, professional cleaners are necessary. 

2. It Smells 

When all the Febreze in the world can’t get rid of the odors coming from your furniture or carpets, it’s time to call a cleaning service.

Even if you clean surface stains, spills or accidents can soak into upholstery or carpeting. A professional cleaner can clean and deodorize for you to keep the smell at bay. 

3. There Are Stubborn Stains 

Home carpet cleaners can do a great job with many stains, but if you have a stubborn spot that keeps coming back, even after you scrub it, you may need a professional. They have the tools and cleaning products to remove stubborn stains and keep them from returning. 

4. It’s No Longer Fluffy or Soft

When your carpets and upholstery are used over and over, they start to flatten out, get stiff, and don’t feel comfortable or soft anymore. 

Professional cleaning of your carpet can revive the fibers, make them stand up again, and make your carpet look fluffy and new. Similarly, when your upholstered furniture starts to feel stiff or crusty, a professional cleaning can fluff up the upholstery and make it feel soft and comfortable again. 

5. It Looks Old 

You might think that you need to replace your carpeting or furniture because it’s looking old and tired, but professional carpet and upholstery cleaning can be much more economical and provide results that have your stuff looking brand new. New carpeting or furniture can cost thousands of dollars but cleaning is much less, usually a few hundred dollars. 

Before you break the bank replacing everything, why not give cleaning services a try? 

Consider Upholstery Cleaning Service Today 

If you have old, tired-looking carpet or furniture that has seen better days, it’s time to call a professional upholstery cleaning service. Professional carpet and upholstery cleaning companies can revive your home, saving you significant amounts of money. 

Professional cleaning can also help your health, especially if you have people with allergies and asthma in your home. Contact us today at Blue Jay Carpet Cleaning for a free quote. We specialize in carpet, upholstery, grout, and tile cleaning in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.