Are your area rugs looking less than clean, but you’re not sure how to properly clean them?

Many people are overwhelmed by the idea of deep cleaning their rugs, or they have tried and failed. Area rugs can be tricky. If you don’t know the right way to clean them, you could ruin them. 

Keep reading this guide on area rug cleaning to learn how to maintain your area rugs. 

Basic Area Rug Carpet Cleaning 

It isn’t too difficult to do some DIY area rug cleaning in between getting your rugs professionally cleaned. To keep your rugs looking nice on a day-to-day basis you must determine a basic care routine to stick to. 

Most rugs benefit from the following simple chores you can perform as needed.

  • Shaking out smaller rugs for visible dirt and debris
  • Vacuuming to get up as much dirt as possible
  • Brushing for pet hair 
  • Turning your rugs once a year

These few simple tasks should allow your rugs to stay newer longer. If your rugs need a deeper clean you need to know what it is made of to begin that process. 

Cleaning a Synthetic Rug 

It’s always better to have your synthetic rug professionally cleaned, but if you’re in a pinch and need to make it look better yourself, there are a few things you can do.

Start by shaking the rug out if it’s small enough. Afterward, vacuum it thoroughly to get out all the dirt that you can. 

If you are dealing with a stain, try your best to blot it out. If you are still seeing it you can try a wet vacuum to get the rest of it out. 

Cleaning a Rug With Plant-Based Fibers

Area rug cleaning for a rug made with plant-based fibers is similar to cleaning a synthetic rug. These rugs tend to be less stain resistant so stains will be tougher to get out. 

It’s nearly impossible to deep clean a plant-based fiber area rug at home. It is not recommended to use any liquids on the rug, and deep cleaning should be left up to professionals.  

Wool Area Rug Cleaning 

Cleaning area rugs at home can be a difficult task, especially if you’re dealing with wool. You may vacuum these rugs but beware of brushing them or they may become fuzzy.

To get out a stain you can spray it with water before blotting it. Though, you should also be careful not to get your wool rug to wet for they do not dry easily. 

When to Schedule an Area Rug Cleaning Service 

You should have your area rugs cleaned professionally at least once per year. Cleaning your area rugs at home is possible, but be sure to do very thorough research or risk ruining your rug.

Trained professionals who work in the carpet cleaning industry are your best bet for a properly cleaned rug that looks brand new. If your rugs are showing wear consider doing an area rug cleaning drop off at a rug cleaning service.

Finding Area Rug Cleaning Service 

Area rug cleaning is no small task if you don’t have your rugs cleaned regularly. If you want a professionally cleaned rug contact our pros at Blue Jay Carpet Cleaning to get the process started!