Has your beautiful, clean tile started to look…well, not nearly as clean? As durable and aesthetically-pleasing tile can be, it also requires constant upkeep to make sure it looks its best.

Of course, if you’re like millions of homeowners, you ready know the value of a clean tile floor. However, you also probably don’t know how exactly to do that, and that’s left a messy floor as a result.

How exactly do you go about cleaning grout? No need to worry, as this article will help you to understand what you need to know. Keep reading to find out more!

1. Pre-Clean With a Wipe-Down

Before you start working on your cleaning job, you’ll want to prepare the surface for the task. This is a simple process, that only requires you to use a rag or sponge to do it.

Make sure to wet down the rag or sponge in hot water, then wipe it across the floor. This will pick up the loose dirt from the tile and make the more troublesome grime between the grout softer and easier to pull up.

2. Spray Your Cleaning Solution

After wiping down the tile, the next step is to spray your cleaning solution directly onto the tile. You can use acidic cleaners like vinegar to clean lighter grime, or you can use base cleaners like bleach to tackle heavier stains and kill bacteria (just be sure to use it sparingly).

If you want, you can even make a homemade cleaner to cut costs and still keep the floor clean. No matter what you use, let the solution sit for a while so it can further loosen the dirt and produce the best results.

3. Scrub the Floor

After waiting a few minutes for the cleaner to take effect, you’ll want to use a clean brush to scrub the floor. You can try a firm toothbrush to do the trick, or you can purchase a grout scrubbing brush from your local hardware store. Scrub in a circular motion to maximize the cleaning power.

4. Rinse It All Away

When you’re done scrubbing, you’ll need to rinse the dirt away to keep it from settling back into the tile. All it takes is a clean cloth or mop and some cold water to do it, but be sure to thoroughly cover the area so the tiles will be sparkly clean.

Need Help? Call in the Pros

Now that you know how to go about cleaning grout out of your tile, you shouldn’t have a problem taking care of your grout cleaning needs. That said, if the problem is greater than you anticipated, you’ll want to call in the pros to handle the job.

Blue Jay Carpet Cleaning is the company you need to handle the task. Of course, we can tackle all of your carpet cleaning needs, but we also clean tile & grout as well as upholstery, so we can help take care of every part of your home.

Ready to have your tile cleaned? Make sure to take a look at our site to learn more about our services, or give us a call whenever you’re ready to get started. Let’s get your floor looking good as new!